We are providing all four streams- Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce and Arts. Students can choose any of these streams according to their capabilities and give shape to their career.


Pre-nursery to K.G. & I to V

The school believes in continuous & Comprehensive assessment system, through short evaluation exercise, worksheets and tests. Academic assessment has the following schedule:

  1. (a) Nursery to K.G. : Each student is assessed according to the level achieved in various skills and move up according to his/her own abilities.
  2. (b) The school has already started implementing the CCE(Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) System from Class I to V. Henceforth each academic year has 2 formal exams at the end of each term, called summative.
    1. 1. FA1 (Formative Assessment 1) April-May
    2. 2. FA2 (Formative Assessment2) July-August
    3. 3. FA3(Formative Assessment3) October-December
    4. 4. FA4 (Formative Assessment4) January-February

The objective of each Formative Assessment is to focus on a student’s curricular abilities in an informal environment which may also include one paper pen assessment in the form of a Unit Test. Weightage given to knowledge gained is 50% in each term.

New Assessment Technique – Class 6th to class 10th
  1. 1. No Semester System: - Annual Examination (Board Exam for Class 10th) will take place at the end of the session covering the complete syllabus.
  2. 2. Scholastic Area:-
    1. a. Students will be graded in 9 point grading scale
    2. b. Final result will comprise the marks of Annual Examination (Board Exam for Class 10th)- 80 marks and internal assessment- 20 marks.
    3. c. Annual Examination (Board Exam for Class 10th) will be conducted of 80 marks in which students need to secure 33% (27 marks).
    4. d. Internal Assessment comprises of Periodic Tests (10 marks), Notebook Maintenance (5 marks) and Subject Enrichment Activity (5 marks) out of which student need to secure 33% (7 marks).
  3. Internal Assessment: -
    1. a. Periodic Tests need to be conducted thrice a year including the portion cumulatively.
    2. b. Periodic Tests can be conducted out of 50 marks and average of the best two out of 10 will be added in the Internal Assessment.
    3. c. Internal Assessment can be completed as follows: -
    4. Term Duration Portion to be Included Exam Dates
      Quarterly April to July 30% of Annual syllabus July End
      Half Yearly Aug to Oct 30% of Quarterly + Complete syllabus covered after Quarterly. Oct End
      Pre – Annual Nov to Jan 10% of Quarterly + 30% of Half yearly + Complete Syllabus covered after half Yearly. Jan – 1st Week
    5. d. Notebook Maintenance can be assessed before the end of each term based on the following parameter:
      1. Regularity
      2. Assignment Completion
      3. Neatness and upkeep of Notebook
    6. e. Subject Enrichment Activities: - Will comprise of techniques like ASL/ Reading/ Dictation/ Debate/ public speaking etc: For languages, lab activates/ Projects/ Map Work/ Model Making/ Field Trips etc. which need to be conducted thrice a year.
    7. f. 6th additional subject (class 6th to class 10th only) will be assessed as notified.
  4. 3. Co- Scholastic Area :
    1. Co- Scholastic activities will be assessed on a 5 point grading scale by the concerned teacher framing effective tools for the same.
    2. Grading will not have any descriptive indicators & students will not be upgraded based on the co- scholastic grades.
    3. Co- scholastic area will cover Work Education / Pre Vocational Education/ Art Education / Health & Physical Education.
  5. 4. Students will be graded by the class teachers for discipline in 5 point grading scale considering the attendance sincerity, behaivour & Values.
  6. 5. Internal assessment evidences should be maintained for a period of 3 months from the date of declaration of result for verification.
Pre-nursery to K.G. & +1, +2 8:00a.m. to 12:15p.m. 8:30a.m. to 12:45p.m.
Classes 1 to 10 8:00a.m. to 2:15p.m. 8:30a.m. to 2:40p.m.
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